VŠERUBY acknowledgements
We are grateful to various types of support:
  • The city mayors of Všeruby Mr. Michal Vaněk, Mr. Jaroslav Schejbal,  and Mr. Václav Primas.
  • The chair of the Department of Antropology Prof. RNDr. Ivo Budil, Ph.D., DSc., and the chair of the Institute for Biological Anthropology  RNDr. Vladimír Blažek, CSc. 
  • The superintendent and the tenants of the house for retirees for accomodations and understanding.
  • Ing. Jaromír Eisman from the company Palis, s r.o. for the help with the roof and construction material.
  • Students of the programs Anthropology of Past Populations, Social and Cultural Anthropology, and Archaeology , University of West Bohemia for their work. 


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